Ruxin Zhang was born in 1994, Wuhan, China. She moved to Shanghai in 2000. From 2009 to 2012, she recieved a solid traditional art training at Fine Art High School Affilated to China Academy of Art. She graduated from at California College of Arts in 2016.

Her interest of art was shown at very young age. At her age 12, she wished to be a manga artist. After taking art history in her fine art high school, her interest was massively expended, mainly in fine art and illustration. Meanwhile, she never gave up make up stories for her self project. And at college, she develope great interest on social problems and now is persuing editorial illustration as career. Currently, she has two international awards, one comic award and a few gallery shows.

After getting access to graphic novel, she decided to broke the box of manga, and self published two graphic novels in two years, and are currently working on the third one.

  1. Jinlong Comic Award Best Manga Nomination "Sin of G."
  2. Hiii Brand international illustration Merit Award 2015
  3. 3x3 Magazine Honorable Mention 2016
  4. American Society of Illustrator Student Show 2016
  5. The University Club of San Francisco Student Show 2016